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Friday, May 17, 2013

Wired Ribbons for My Fair lady hat card

Wired Ribbon tutorial for 
My Fair Lady card
Image from Debbie Moore  Cd rom My Fair Lady

1. To create the loop and Tail
you will need a 40cm lenght of narrow ribbon.
Start with a tail, adding a loop by  looping the ribbon under your thumb, 

adding a 2nd slightly smaller loop by slipping it under the thumb, and finish with a tail, you can either stitch the ends together, 

 but I wire the ends, together to secure.
Both designs work

To form the lace loops
you need a 20cm strip of lace
the back loop should be longer than the front, 

Stitch or wire the ends securely
to wire place wire across the ends pulling it downwards to form a hook, and twist wire across the lace to secure in place.

To create the hat, you need
1 x Narrow white loop and tale
1 x narrow pink loop and tail
2 x lace loops
2 x 7mm pink loops
1 x 7 mm white loop
2 x 15mm wide pink loops
you create all loops in the same way.
3 x tiny roses to cover the centre

My Fair Lady Dresses Hat Card
Design and instructions by Yvonne Tune.
1.  Mat the 2 inserts 18cm Sq., to the pink 19cm Sq. panels and stick the insert inside your card
2. Stick the 18cm white Card to the 19cm Pink card and stick to the front of card,
3. Cut out the lady image, and stick to white card and re-cut to make the topper stronger,

4. Stick the rose petals to the bodice of the image, starting at the bottom and working up to the neckline.

6.Thread the white guipure lace onto the fine silver wire, to create the ruffle, to make the collar of the dress, bring the wires around the back and twist to tighten, stick the wires securely to the back of the card, with foam tape.

4. Decorate the hat with the feathers  by stick the 3 long white feathers to the left hand side  of the hat, cut the pink feathers in half, and Wire them to form a plum, stick the plum to the centre of the hat, start building up the ribbon, (by arranging them on the hat in a design you are happy with, once happy stick in pace with hot glue.) stick the flowers, in the centre where the ribbon join in the middle,

7. Stick the pink bow to the collar, and stick the tiny brooch to the centre of the bow.

Click on an image for a bigger view.


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