I am very happy for card makers to use my designs and Tutorials for there own personal use, I give permission to other teachers who have attended my classes to use my Tutorials. but would appreciate a credit to the design and instructions.

please get in touch if you would like more information.

Many thanks

Happy Crafting Yvonne xx

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Paper Scraps

At the end of a busy day card making
I often have small pieces of scrap backing papers left over,
these generally go into a scrap box and are given away to friends
 who teach children's craft classes.
Backing papers are so expensive, that sometime 
if I am not to tired at the end of the day., 
I put them to use, joining scraps to make multi backgrounds in strips or quilt effect.
Quilted backgrounds are big just know, so take some time and create your own. by cutting 4cm sq pieces, 3 across and 4 down, backed onto a contrasting card, 13cm by 17cm, and then on to silver or gold card 14cm by 18cm, you can trim the main card, to 30cm by 19cm, score it on the A4 half fold line, and mat and layer  for a neat finish.

For an 8 by 8 inch card
Cut 4cm sq pieces, 4 across and 4 down, backed onto a contrasting card, 17cm by 17cm, next layer 18cm by 18cm and then on to silver or gold card 19cm by 19cm.
Which fits neatly on an 8 inch Square card.
add a extra finish by using a pinking shears to cut the Squares, and adding faux stitching with a pro marker in a toning colour.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

C5 Triple Easel Card Tutorial

C5 Triple Easel card
Design and instructions by Yvonne Tune Card Art Kilcoole 
This design has only one rest as the middle easel acts as a rest for the last easel card.

Front view   
 Side View

1.   Back Easel. Cut a Sheet of Cream card 30cm by 14cm and score it at 21cm, giving you a 21cm by 14cm panel and a 9cm by 14cm panel
2.   Stick a Blue 20cm by 13cm piece of card to the floor of the main easel card, stick the printed background 12cm by 19cm centrally to the blue
3.   Score a Cream A5 sheet of cream card on the A5 half fold, Stick the 9cm panel  from the main card to the inside back of the C6 card on the landscape, to form the back easel, (This is where you can add your own personalised insert)
4.   Cut a Cream 14cm by 16 cm, and matt a Blue 13cm by 15cm panel to it, cut out your largest image and stick it centrally to the blue panel, stick this to the back easel card.
5.   Cut a blue panel 9 ½ cm by 13cm and stick the printed background 8 ½ cm by 12cm centrally to it, stick this panel at the back of the first easel,
    So that the card looks finished when closed
    This is where you can stick your own personal greeting.

6.   Middle Easel. Cut a Cream panel 13cm by 20cm and score it at 5cm,10cm, giving you 2 x 13cm by 5cm panels and a 13cm by 10cm panel, Give all scored lines a nice tight crease and stick the 10cm panel to the floor of  the main card, (about 2 ½ cm from the edge)

7.   Cut a cream panel 11cm by 13cm, and stick it, to the blue 10cm by 12cm card cream, and stick the matted layers centrally to the middle easel. Cut out and stick the second image to the middle easel.
8.   Cut a blue panel 12cm by 9cm and stick to the floor of the middle easel, cut a printed background paper 11cm by 8cm, and stick centrally to the blue floor panel.

9.   Front Easel. Cut a cream card 9cm by 12cm, and score it at 3cm, and 6cm, this will give you 2 x panels 3cm by 9cm, and the floor panel 6cm by 9cm, Give all scored lines a nice tight crease, stick the 9cm by 6cm last panel to the floor of the easel.
10.                  Stick a blue 6 ½ cm by 7 ½ cm to the cream panel 7cm by 8cm, and stick centrally to the front easel.
11.                  Cut out the greeting 6 cm  by 6 ½ cm and stick it to the front easel centrally,
12.                  Cut a blue panel 7 ½ cm by 5 cm and stick a printed background panel  7cm by 4 ½ cm to it, and stick to the floor of the front easel
13.                  Stick the scalloped blue oval to the cream oval with foam tape, and build up the Easel Rest with a double layer of foam tape, stick this in front of the front easel as the rest.
14.                  Decorate the rest of the front easel with the hydrangea petals and little blue flowers,