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Monday, April 21, 2014

How to change Font Colour to Gold or Silver

How to change font colour to Gold or Silver
Type what message you want.
You now need to choose a font colour you like 
(Gold is not a standard colour)

To get a particular colour you want, you need to highlight the text, and click the colour button, which is the button A with the colour line underneath it, click the little pointed down arrow (which is directly beside the A button) and this will open the colour choice, go to (custom) and reset the RGB manually, to the numbers below.
you can adjust the settigs for different shades of gold or silver.

Settings for gold are
Red 194
Green 164
And Blue 104

Setting for silver are
Red 155
Green 155
And Blue 155

Saving ink when printing your own backgrounds

As Ink is so expensive, it makes sence to do this to cut down on the cost of printed backgrounds for card making, as we mostly have only 1cm of the paper peeping out from behind each layer.
I am no expert on the computer, but this is how I do it, and hopefully it will save you money.

This works by removing the centre of the background when matting and layering.

The middle will be white on your paper.
Sorry I can't correct it on blogger.

By Yvonne Tune Card Art Kilcoole

1.    Choose the background you want to use on your card.
2.    To remove the middle of the background, go to Google images and type in (all-white background) Click on the background,when it opens in a larger view. Right click and copy the image
3.    Paste the all-white image on to the page your printed background is on.
4.    You won’t see the (all –white image). So right click where you pasted it, and a box will appear around it, go to any of the corners with your mouse and drag it inwards to a smaller  size (you can re-size once it is positioned on your printed background.)
5.    Right click the all -white box again, and a drop down menu will appear, this time position your mouse over (wrap text), move the mouse to (in front of text).and left click
6.    The all -white box will move (on its own) over the printed background,
7.    Now you can drag it to position with the mouse, and then left click the mouse so that you can drag it to the size you want.,
8.    If you are working in 1cm boarders on your matting layers, allow about a 1  ½ cm boarder on your printed paper, so that you have no white background showing behind your next matting layer.

Hope that works for you, but if you get stuck phone me.