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Happy Crafting Yvonne xx

Monday, February 27, 2012

Tutorial for Pleated Lace Doily Rosette, and Double Easel Card

Card Recipe 
2 x A4 White hammer cards
1 x A4 pink card
1 x A4 green card
1 sheet of printed plaid paper From Clipart Fairy
Teddy Bea Downloads from Teddy Bo Designs
3 x 9cm lace doilies from Poppy's Cabin
1 x 2 inch white punched circle
2 x 2-1/2 inch pink paper circles
Crochet Flowers and a large self adhesive pearl

1.    Score an A4 sheet of card on the A4 Half fold line and again on the A4 Gate fold line to create the main easel card. Give all score lines a nice tight crease.
2.    Stick the 13cm by 19cm printed plaid paper to the pink 14cm by 20cm card, and stick it to the floor of the easel card,
3.    Stick the 5 ½ cm by 19cm piece of plaid paper to the 6 ½ cm by 20 cm pink card. And stick to the front of the easel.
4.    Cut a sheet of A4 white card 10cm by 30cm and score it on the A4 half fold line to create a long C6 card, stick your insert inside your card, and stick this to the left of the easel. ( making sure the card can close and fit inside a C5 envelope)
5.    Cut out the Teddy Bea Mum topper 8cm by 13cm and stick it to a piece of pink card 9cm by 14cm. Stick the topper to the front of the C6 card centrally.
6.    Cut out the mothers day greeting,  3cm by 4 ½ cm and add some punched detail to the corners, stick it to the pink die-cut, add a double layer of foam pads on the back ( to make it high enough for the C6 card to rest against)
7.    To make the smaller easel, cut a Strip of White card 9cm by 30cm, Score it on the A4 Half fold line and again on the A4 Tri- fold line, turn card round and score it again on the A4 Tri- fold line. You now need to trim 2cm from the floor end of the easel, (So that the card can close neatly) Give all scored lines a nice tight crease.
8.    The small easel card needs to be stuck together to help it stand up. Stick the 3rd panel and the 4th panel together. ( See image 3)
9.    Stick the 7cm by 6cm Plaid panel to the 8cm by 7cm Pink card and stick it to the floor of the small easel, Stick the small easel card to the floor of the larger easel card,  to the left hand side. About 1cm in from the edge.

10.                       Stick the pink card 8cm by 9 cm to the front of the small easel.

11.                       Cut out the Phrase  (mum),  3cm by 4 ½ cm and add some punched detail to the corners, stick it to the pink die-cut, and stick a double layer of foam pads on the back ( to make it high enough for the Small easel card to rest against)
12.                       To make the Doily Circle flower Fan. Stick 1 of the doilies to the back of the 2inch circle, Squeeze a small amount of glue on to the centre of the circle, and leave it to one side, to slightly go off (set)
13.                       Fold the 2nd doily in half, and again in quarter, (cut through one of the fold lines to the middle. You now need to fold and pleat each of the quarters, working round the doily to form a fan shape, Repeat this with the second doily, both halves make the flower, Stick both halves to form the flower on to the glued circle. Squeeze a small amount of glue in the centre, ready for the pink paper flower fan. 
                           (Picture Tutorial for Doily Rosette Below)
14.                       To make the pink paper fan flower, repeat the steps in 11. and stick the paper flower on top of the doily flower.
15.                       Cut out the Smaller Teddy Bea, and stick it to card, and re-cut it out to make it stronger, ( this will help the doily flower not to crush when the card is closed) Put a triple layer of foam tape in the centre of the doily flower, and stick Teddy Bea to it.
16.                       Decorate with some flowers or embellishments.

Tutorial for Doily Rosette Below

9cm lace doily

Fold in half

Then fold in Quarter

Cut through a fold line just past the centre

In each 1/4 there are 3 fan shapes, pleat and fold each of the fans

Continue working all the way round 

Repeat with the 2nd doily
and stick both doilies together, by adding some glue to the last pleats on one of the doilies, allow the glue to slightly set, and join them together. to form the Rosette

 Stick 1 of the doilies to the back of the 2inch circle, Squeeze a small amount of glue on to the centre of the circle, and leave it to one side, 
to slightly go off (set)

Stick the Rosette to the centre of the punched circle.

Happy Crafting Yvonne xx

As this card was quiet high when closed I have add instructions for a Box to fit it, made with a Crafters Companion board.

Box Measurements and instructions
Measure the size of the card when closed, Cut an A4 sheet of card 5cm larger

Card is 15cm by 21cm
So measurements should be 20cm by 26cm, this will allow a little room for the card to move in the box, or tissue paper to be added inside, Working on the base side of a crafters companion board score on all 4 sides on the 1st line.

Because most of us only have A4 card, it is not wide enough to make a 3/4cm depth box. (Which some of the higher cards will need)
To make the Box high enough, cut strips 3/4cm high the same length as the base of the box,(inside) and stick the strips neatly inside, to give it a neater look, choose a contrasting coloured card and cut 3/4cm Sq pieces of card to stick on the outside of  each corner, you can add peel-offs for extra detail.
Make the lid the same measurements as the base but score it on the 1st line of the lid side of the crafters companion board.
Add some matching card to the lid, you could add some detail with punches, flowers, or gems
Use organza ribbon to tie box.

Tutorial for C5 Landscape Step card

Many thanks to Jak Heath for the Build a Blossom
and the beautiful background papers, 
I have used for this tutorial
Jak very kindly add free downloads to her blog regularly, 
and have lots of different ones to choose from

Card Recipe 
3 x Sheets of A4 card
2 Different backgrounds from the 
spring background selection from Jak heath,
Build a blossom sheet from Jak Heath
1 x A5 Silver card 
1 x 6 cm by 21 cm embossed strip of white card
1 x 4cm by 21cm strip of blue card
1 x 3 -1/2 inch punched scalloped circle
1 x 3 inch punched circle 
1.   Score an A4 sheet of card in half

2.    Score the 2nd sheet on the base side of the  crafters companion box maker side, on the 3rd line, 6th line, 9th line, fold card on the last score line, and place score line against the butt bar, and score again on the 3rd line., this will give you a mounting fold, valley fold, mountain fold, and valley fold with a 11cm panel at the end,  stick the 11cm panel to the inside of the A5 card, to the back wall.

3.    Cut and Stick a 14 ½ cm by 21 cm panel to the back wall, to cover the join neatly.

4.    Stick your insert to the inside of the C5 card, and add some extra double sided tape to the ends of the insert to stop it moving.

5.    Stick the 12cm by 18cm printed floral paper to the 13cm by 19cm plaid paper, and stick the paper layers to the 14cm by 20cm silver panel, stick these to the front of the main card centrally.

6.    Stick the embossed panel 7cm by 21cm across the front of your card.

7.    Stick the punched 3 inch circle (Happy Birthday) to the blue 3. 1/2 inch scalloped circle, and raise it on foam pads, stick it towards the top of the right hand side of your card.

8.    Stick the Printed 3cm by 21cm floral strip to the  4cm by 21cm blue strip and stick them to the front step.

9.    Cut out the flowers and butterflies, and give each flower layer a curled edge with the back of  your scissors, build up the layers with foam tape, and stick the piece of card candi to the centre of each flower,

10.   Arrange the flowers and butterflies on your card, (see image 1 for inspiration)