I am very happy for card makers to use my designs and Tutorials for there own personal use, I give permission to other teachers who have attended my classes to use my Tutorials. but would appreciate a credit to the design and instructions.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Table Top Easel Card

Father's Day
Table Top Easel Card

To make this fold
1.      Take a 21cm by 15cm piece of card, matt a 20cm by 14cm, of contrasting card on top.
2.      Cut a Piece of card the same colour as the base 9 ½ cm by 21cm score it on the A5 gate fold and on the A5 half fold lines on a crafters companion board. Give all scored lines a nice tight crease.
3.      To make the front card, (to stick on the easel), cut a piece of card 9 ½ cm by 30cm, and score it on the A4 half hold line, fold and give a nice tight crease, when folded in half, trim 3 ½ cm off the end, to make the folded card 11 ½ cm long by 9 1/2cm wide. Stick this to the last panel on the easel fold, putting the double side tape on the last panel of easel fold.

Card Front
Card Base

4.      Cut a piece of contrasting card to match 9cm by 9  ½  cm and stick it to the floor of the easel
5.      Cut a piece of contrasting card to match 9cm by 11cm and stick it to the front card on the easel
6.      To make an insert for this card,  the measurements should be 9cm by 19cm folded in half, add some punched details to the corners, and stick inside the main easel card.
7.      Your main image for the easel card should be 8 ½ cm by 10 ½ cm. decoupage if desired.
8.      Matt and layer a greeting in contrasting card and stick in place to hold easel card opened, raise it on a double layer of foam pads to be high enough.
9. Add some detail with an embellishment.
The poem or greeting either side of the card, can be no bigger than 5cm wide, add some detail with peel-off boarders and corners.
I used a lovely light house poem for this card, it took a while to size it to fit.
10. This card folds flat when closed and fits a c5 size envelope.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Cutaway Concertina Gatefold card

Instructions for Anniversary Waltz 
Cut Away Concertina Gate Fold Card
Design and instructions by Yvonne Tune Card Art Kilcoole
Vintage images from ETSY were a download
Background is a printed sheet from Crafts u print
Lace Bluebellgirlcrafts.co.uk 
heart embellishment, totallybeads.co.uk

Front view

   Inside View 
1.   Score 2 cards on the A4 half fold and again on the A4 gate fold line, each each scored line a nice tight crease with a bone folder.
2.   You now need to cut the top sides away, Draw a mark at 9cm on the outside edge of the right panel. Line up your ruler at the top left side of the panel, just inside the scored line, and drag the ruler down to the mark. draw a pencil line diagonally. And cut the piece away, either with a craft knife of your paper trimmer,
3.   Repeat the steps on the opposite side.
4.   Attach the 2 card together by sticking the 15cm by 21cm panels together. Cut out the Music sheet, I have cut this free hand in a wavy edge style, matted it to the gold panel and re-cut the design allowing a 4mm boarder. Stick this to the middle panel inside the card.
5.   Mat and layer each of the images onto the soft pink and gold card, allowing a 1/2cm boarder. Stick the first image flat, the second image has a lace band across it, secured at the back, add a small piece of the paper doily behind, and stick this overlaying the first image, the dancing couple has some ribbon detail over the image, secured at the back, and a tiny bow added, use the rest of the paper doily, to add some detail to the panels. 

6.   Stick the greeting panels to the card inside, to the 2 middle panels, and trim excess away.
7.   The front panels, need to be measured, Place the gold panel 7cm wide by 21cm on to the card, and drag it slightly upwards, and mark where you need to cut away with a pencil.  Place the cream backing paper on top and repeat the instructions, this will give you a 1cm boarder, fitting the design perfectly, repeat this for all four panels. Stick the inside back panels flat to the gatefolds
8.   Before sticking the front 2 panels, you need to attach the lace bands, try to line up the lace so it looks like it’s flowing diagonally across the card. and secure the lace at the back, and stick to the 2 front panels with Hi-tac tape.
9.  Cut the greeting as small as you can and mat and layer on to the pale pink card then gold allowing a 1/2 cm boarder, and stick it to the left hand panel towards the top.
10.      Thread the little heart on a ribbon loop, about 12inches long thread a pearl on to each of the ribbon tails. you will need to do a double know to secure the pearls, fold in half so that the pearls hangs down, and stick to the lace with hot glue, make a vintage bow, ( you will find a tutorial HERE) and stick it on top of the ribbon, to secure it in place. 
11. Stick the 2 punched hearts overlapping on to the left front panel towards the top.

C5 Peach Lace Wedding Easel Card

C5 Peach Lace Wedding Easel Card
Design and instructions by Yvonne Tune Card Art Kilcoole 
Background for this card is a buy now printed sheet from craft-u-print
Flowers from Mulberry Crafts Uk
Lace from Blue Bell Girls Crafts Uk
gold rings from Create-n-Celebrate.co.uk
Ek Success punch
Die-cuts from cricut.

This Easel card has A C5 card attached to add a insert inside.
 Front view      

     Side view

1.   Score an A4 sheet on the A4 half fold line, and again on the gate fold line. give both scored lines a nice tight crease, with a bone folder
2.   Score the 2nd sheet on the A4 half fold line, Attach the C5 card to the last fold on the 1st card to form an easel.
3.   Trim insert about 3mm on the side and either top or bottom, Add some punched detail, to the corners. Stick your insert inside the C5 card,
4.   To Decorate the Floor of the Easel card, Stick the 13cm by 19cm printed background to the 14cm by 20cm gold card, the lace detail should be pointing downwards, and stick the panel to the floor of the card centrally.
5.   Add the pearls to the pearls on the image, 
6.   Punch a boarder out on a 5cm by 21cm gold panel,
7.   Cut 2 strips of cream card 21cm long, and depending on the width of the punched panel after it has been punched, cut the cream panels to fit.
8.   Take one of the cream strips, and wrap the peach ribbon across the strip and secure at the back.

9.   Thread the narrow cream ribbon, through the wedding rings embellishment, and place it over the peach ribbon, securing the rings in place with hot glue, secure the ribbons behind the strip and sandwich the 2 Cream strips together to hide the ribbon ends, stick this on top of the punched gold strip of card, and double raise it on foam tape, and stick to the floor of your card, just above the pearl details on the paper.

10.                  To Decorate the main card .  Stick the 13cm by 19cm printed background to the 14cm by 20cm gold card, Wrap the Lace around the middle of the panel, and secure it at the back. Overlay the peach ribbon and secure at the back, and overlay the narrow cream ribbon, and secure at the back, make sure you use plenty of tape to stick the panel to the front of the main card, (Hi Tac Tape would be best)

11.                  Slip the die-cut boarders on to the first Die-cut greeting layer, and secure at the back, add a little glue to the pieces that over hang the front to secure them,
12.                  Mat and layer the die-cut greeting panel and add the wedding peel-off, raise this on foam pads. And stick it over the lace and peach ribbon towards the top of your card on the left hand side.
13.                  Make the vintage bow, follow my instructions today  (there is a picture tutorial on my blog). HERE 
14.                  Stick the bow on the ribbon to the right side of your card.
15.                  Arrange the flowers and leaves on the bow and to the top of greeting.