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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vintage Bow Tutorial

Instructions for Vintage style bow
You will need 4 strips of ribbon for this bow
1x 8 inch
1x 6 inch
1x 6 inch
and a slightly narrower 25mm 1 x 10inches
I have used 40mm width

take the 8inch strip and form a circle, over lapping the two ends
Squeeze flat

take the 6inch strip and form a circle, over lapping the two ends
sit this centrally on top of first circle

and squeeze flat

take the 2nd 6 inch strip and place it behind the 2 flat circles

Gather and pinch the middle

take some fine florist wire and wrap around the centre

twisting the wire at the back to secure, snip the excess wire, leaving a small amount, which you flatten

Cut a v shape notch off the 2 end tails, to make the bow as in picture below

Fold the last narrow strip of ribbon, and use it to hide the wire in the middle, and tie the bow together.

Cut 2 V shaped notches from tails to make the bow look neater
stick to projects with a  hot glue gun.

Four loop bow tutorial

Instructions for a four loop bow

Take a strip of satin ribbon about 18 inches long
holding the ribbon between the thumb and index finger in the left hand, with a 6in lenght of ribbon between the left and right hand, bring your right hand over towards the centre,
 forming a loop, 

and slip the tail under your left thumb.  

Now bring the long tail of ribbon, back towards the middle, forming the 2nd loop, and slip it under your thumb

to form the third loop, bring the long tail under, around the back to make the third loop, and slip it in front of your finger.
(Between Thumb and Finger)

And bring the tail over the top towards the centre, and slip under your thumb to form the forth loop.  you will need to trim the tails to the same size. 

Pinch and pleat the middle of the bow, and using some fine florist wire, wrap the wire around the centre, and twist ends together so the the bow can not come undone.

Take a small piece of ribbon about 7cm, and lay it across the middle of bow

 and tie it at the back
pull all tails towards the bottom of bow.

This bow is perfect for a miniature Bouquet
or added to a card for a pretty finish.
I use a hot Glue gun to stick bows, as it sticks instantly.
Any problems just email for advice HERE