I am very happy for card makers to use my designs and Tutorials for there own personal use, I give permission to other teachers who have attended my classes to use my Tutorials. but would appreciate a credit to the design and instructions.

please get in touch if you would like more information.

Many thanks

Happy Crafting Yvonne xx

Monday, December 5, 2011

Honeycombe Christmas Decoration

Honeycombe Christmas Decoration
I can't take the credit for this one, as I saw it demonstrated on a video on Amazing Paper Grace
You need the Patience's of a saint, and I am showing the Girls how to make it on Wednesday night, 
I wonder who will hit me with it first.

For this you will need a 3 1/2 inch scalloped circle punch or 
a 3 1/2 inch die cut,
Punch out 18 circles in different shades, 
Double sided paper work best for this, max 80gsm in weight as heavier will just pull apart.
You should get 6 from an A4 Sheet.
Fold each circle in half
Use one of the waste pieces as a template
Marking it as in the picture above. with number 1 and 2 
to show you where to stick your glue dots,

Take your first folded circle and stick 3 glue dots in line with number 1
you are working on the white side to start.

And stick the second folded circle on top,
Stick four glue dots to the coloured side at the number 2 markings on the template.
(Inside and outside of each folded circle is stuck together.)

Repeat this, sticking each folded circle on top of the other alternating the numbers with each folded circle,
and the pattern should look like the picture above

When you have all 18 circles stuck together,
Add strips of  Hi-Tac tape to the spine
(I have 3 strips on mine)

I have threaded beads on to some wire and attached to some ribbon (looped and tied to form a handle)

Stick some Hi-Tac tape in the position needed to finish the pattern, and pull open the ball, This is very fiddly 
Try tweezing the honeycombe open with a ball tool 
in between each of the gaps.  

This is the ball finished

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fresh Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Every year I make my own holly wreath for my front door,
So I decided to do a tutorial, so that you can make your own.

Christmas Wreath instructions by Yvonne Tune
Mossing the wire wreath frame 
(these are available from most florists and garden centres) 
if you can't find one, try overlaying 3or 4 wire coat hangers together pulled out to form a rough circle, tie them together with wire to secure the shape,

1. Secure wire to the wreath frame.

2. Take a clump of moss (as much as you can fit in your hand) and sit it on the frame, bring wire over moss and back under the frame, repeat this until the whole frame is covered,

3. You now need to tightly secure the moss, by going round the frame again, only this time pulling the wire tighter.

Attaching Greenery to the mossed ring
What every greenery you pick from the garden, choose ones that are evergreen,
Alternate each bunch, with a bunch of Christmas tree green.
This will give an even finish to the ring.

1, Start with a bunch of Christmas tree greenery, make each bunch as close in size as the one before. Bring the wire over the bunch of greenery just like you did when mossing the frame
Pull tightly each time to secure the foliage, you will need to wrap the wire over each greenery bunch more than once,

2. Take next bunch of different foliage, and repeat the action until you have totally covered the frame.

 3. You will end up with a gap at the end, but try to keep the gap small,
4. Where the gap is left, this is the perfect place for your ribbon.

To add Fresh fruit, seed heads or artificial Christmas picks or flowers.
You will need heavy gage wire for this, (18 gage)
simply push the wire through the fruit, straight across, towards the bottom, you may need to put 2 wires through the apples

And bend the wire downwards. Use a back of a teaspoon, so you don't bruise the fruit. 

 1 wire for the oranges, should be enough, when you push the wire through the fruit, bend it downwards, Use a back of a teaspoon, so you don't bruise the fruit. 

 Push the wires through the moss frame, and then re-insert the wire by bringing it towards you, and pushing it back into the moss frame, hooking over the side of the frame, to secure it.

You might like to tie small bunches of Cinnamon sticks together with wire, and wrap with string. the Christmas picks are normally already wired just push through the wreath, and hook the wire, back through the frame.
(not shown in picture)

Pine cones can be dried on the radiator to make them open to wrap the wire around, they will close up again once they are outside in the cold. Seed heads, can be attached the same way as the fruit.

Christmas Wreath instructions by Yvonne Tune

Here are a selection of the different foliage's I have used to make the wreath





Nobel Fir


My tip for checking which greenery will last, is to cut small pieces and leave them out over night in the garden, the ones that are still firm should hold for a few weeks.
(my wreath normally lasts 6 weeks, and even then it's still fresh enough, you might need to change the fruit, half way through)

I would love to see your finished wreaths

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Paper Rose Tutorial

To make these pretty paper rose flowers

You need 4 punched flowers
I have used a 2inch 6 petal flower punched 
Or you can buy die-cut sheet of different size flowers from Stephanie Weighman
Direct link for rose kit.
You will need a good quality hi-tac clear drying glue for this project.
Collall Book binding Glue is the best one I have found.

Cut a slit between 2 petals in the first flower.
Cut a petal out of the 2nd flower.
Cut 2 petals out of the 3r Flower
Cut the 4th flower in half, and cut a petal off one half.
You will have 3 remaining single petals, (these can be used to fill in any gaps, or to hide glue)

To stick the petals to form the rose
1st Flower. Bring over 1 petal from first flower and stick it behind the flower to form a 5 petal flower
2nd Flower. Repeat giving you a 4 petaled flower
3rd Flower. Repeat to give you a tri petaled flower
4th Flower. Repeat to give you a 2 petaled flower,
The last few single petals can be curled to make the centre of the flower, and to be used to hide gaps.

You need to flatten the middle of the 1st flower, the best way is with your ball tool on a soft mat.

Then cut about 1/3 off the bottom of all the other flowers.

Squeeze a good amount of Hi Tac PVA Glue into the centre of the first flower.

Place the remaining flowers into the centre of the first flower, alternating the petals, until you have your rose. The glue will dry clear. if you feel the rose looks unbalanced, snip the ends off the remain 3 single petals, and slip then into the flower to make it look more even shaped.
You could decorate the tips with stickles
Or a glue pen and add fine glitter to add sparkle.
This flowers was made with120gsm hammer paper, I used a gold ink pad to add colour to the tips of each petal, and then crushed all the petals before I arranged the rose together, this gives the flower a more vintage feel.

Paper Rose Tutorial by Yvonne Tune
to view larger images for this project, click on image and it will open larger.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vintage Bow Tutorial

Instructions for Vintage style bow
You will need 4 strips of ribbon for this bow
1x 8 inch
1x 6 inch
1x 6 inch
and a slightly narrower 25mm 1 x 10inches
I have used 40mm width

take the 8inch strip and form a circle, over lapping the two ends
Squeeze flat

take the 6inch strip and form a circle, over lapping the two ends
sit this centrally on top of first circle

and squeeze flat

take the 2nd 6 inch strip and place it behind the 2 flat circles

Gather and pinch the middle

take some fine florist wire and wrap around the centre

twisting the wire at the back to secure, snip the excess wire, leaving a small amount, which you flatten

Cut a v shape notch off the 2 end tails, to make the bow as in picture below

Fold the last narrow strip of ribbon, and use it to hide the wire in the middle, and tie the bow together.

Cut 2 V shaped notches from tails to make the bow look neater
stick to projects with a  hot glue gun.

Four loop bow tutorial

Instructions for a four loop bow

Take a strip of satin ribbon about 18 inches long
holding the ribbon between the thumb and index finger in the left hand, with a 6in lenght of ribbon between the left and right hand, bring your right hand over towards the centre,
 forming a loop, 

and slip the tail under your left thumb.  

Now bring the long tail of ribbon, back towards the middle, forming the 2nd loop, and slip it under your thumb

to form the third loop, bring the long tail under, around the back to make the third loop, and slip it in front of your finger.
(Between Thumb and Finger)

And bring the tail over the top towards the centre, and slip under your thumb to form the forth loop.  you will need to trim the tails to the same size. 

Pinch and pleat the middle of the bow, and using some fine florist wire, wrap the wire around the centre, and twist ends together so the the bow can not come undone.

Take a small piece of ribbon about 7cm, and lay it across the middle of bow

 and tie it at the back
pull all tails towards the bottom of bow.

This bow is perfect for a miniature Bouquet
or added to a card for a pretty finish.
I use a hot Glue gun to stick bows, as it sticks instantly.
Any problems just email for advice HERE