I am very happy for card makers to use my designs and Tutorials for there own personal use, I give permission to other teachers who have attended my classes to use my Tutorials. but would appreciate a credit to the design and instructions.

please get in touch if you would like more information.

Many thanks

Happy Crafting Yvonne xx

Friday, October 24, 2014

Hanging Halloween BOO

Hanging Halloween Decoration,
I found the free Halloween Alphabet on
Granny's enchanted Blog HERE
And the clipart on pinterest,

I cut each letter out and backed it on to orange card, 
and re-cut the shape allowing a boarder,
 Then repeated it on black card.
All the clipart was cut out, them mounted 
on to contrasting coloured card, to make them stronger, 

I stuck a ribbon to the top of a strip of black card, and secured it in place with a slightly smaller strip of orange card.

The letters were joined together by sticking them to a strip of card, slightly overlaying the letters.
Then I added the cute clipart, raised on foam pads.
poking out from the BOO. 

It cost about €1.00 to make, 
and looks lovely hanging in the window.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tea Time Treats, Book style pocket card


Tea Time Treats
Design and instructions by Yvonne Tune Card Art Kilcoole
1.    Score either side of the spine of the card, at the scallop; this allows a 1cm Spine, (which allows room for the teabag pockets.) stick the narrow strips of gold card down the spine inside and outside,
2.    Stick the strips of organza ribbon to the front and back of the card, centrally with hi-tac tape
3.    Mat and layer the 4 x 18cm Square printed backgrounds, to the 4 x 19cm Square Gold panels
4.    Stick the rose boarder ones to the front and back of card, (overlaying the organza ribbon. )  stick the striped ones inside the card.
5.    Cut out the 4 teabag Envelopes, fold all score lines, and stick sides with double sided tape, slip a teabag inside each envelope.
6.    To create the pockets, cut 2 strips of cream card 17cm by 6cm and score on the lid side of the crafters companion board, on the first side, trim away the corners, for the top pocket Cut a strip of cream card 15cm by 7cm, and repeat.
7.    Mat and layer the panels for each pocket. And stick the strip of  lace across the edge, stick the panels to each pocket.
8.    Run a strip of hi-tac tape down the inside of the middle of the 2 bottom pockets.   ( to hold the teabag envelopes neatly) Stick the pockets to the card with high-tac tape.
9.    Cut your greetings and small images, as small as you can. And mat and layer on to pink them gold card allowing a ½ cm boarder each layer,
10.                    Cut out your recipes and mat the ingredients to the front and the method to the back of a piece of pink card. Slip them in the pockets
11.                    Stick the circle doily to the card front centrally.
12.                    Cut out the decoupage layers for the card front, and stick on top of the doily. And build up the layers.
13.                    Decorate the side of the card with the paper flowers.
14.                    Mat and layer the greeting and quote, on to pink then gold card allowing a   
           ½ cm boarder, and stick these to the card front.

   I would like to thank Janyce Cotterill for sorting my poem for me for this card,

   You can find Janyce on pinterest. And craftsuprint.

I heard you were missing home
And some of your favourite treats
Like apple tart and scones
And a proper cup of tea,
So I made you this little card,
With some Irish recipes
And hope you’ll enjoy making them.
For everyone to eat.
But cake on its own is not quite the same
As when its served with a tea.
so there's a surprise in the pockets
have a look and see
a few Lyons teabags! 
Now that's a proper 
Cup of Tea.

By Yvonne Tune

Far away and missing home,
You dream of tea time treats,
Like apple tart, your favourite scones,
Now they are hard to beat!
So in this card are recipes,
That you can bake today,
To have a little taste of home,
Although you're far away,
So boil the kettle, make a brew,
And settle down to see,
That life is good and can taste grand,
With cake and a cup of tea!

 by Janyce Cotterill

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Tutorial for lace rosette flowers

Tutorial for lace rosette flowers
Take 2 strips of lace 
the 1st layer 10inches long (back) should be wider the the top layer 7inches long.

Depending on how many layers you want on your flower
 each layer should be wider and longer for the flower to work.

I have used florist 26 gauge wire for this project, 
but you can use a needle and thread if you can't get hold of florist wire.
1. Thread the wire through the flat edge of the lace

Best place to buy lace is Bluebellgirlcrafts.co.uk 

2. When you got to the other end, pull the lace into the centre of the wire.

3. Twist the wire to secure the lace, and trim off excess wire,
 leaving a 1cm lenght of twisted wire. so that the lace does not  come undone.

4. Do this with both pieces of lace,

Layer both rosettes on top of each other,
you can stitch them together to hold in place.
or stick them together with a tiny amount of hot glue.
(use a non stick silicone sheet) so that the rosette does not stick.

You can add all sorts of centers,
a butterfly

aapearl button

There are lots of tutorials on youtube, to make your own shabby chic buttons 

Folded Frame Tutorial

Folded Frame Tutorial
This is a lovely idea to frame a photo,
I saw it demonstrated on Create and Craft.
I have used a peel-off to add some detail to the folds of the frame
But you could use, a gold pen or stickles
or try punching the corners.

Cut a Sheet of Double sided paper (you need a heavy weight paper for this project, about 180 to 200 gsm)
Fod the paper in half then quarter. Don't crease it to with a bone folder.

Open paper out, and bring each corner into the middle and crease with a bone folder.

Sheet folded

With a ruler mark each triangle panel 1cm in. and draw a line.

All 4 tringle panels marked with pencil.

Using your ruler as a rest, fold back each panel.

All 4 panels folded back and creased with bone folder,

You need a 9cm square image, matted onto 9 and 1/2 cm Sq, background, and matted onto a 10cm Sq gold baclground.

Stick the topper centrally inside folded frame,
add a small strip of foam tape to each inside fold.
and fold each tringle shut.

Add a strip of foam tape to the outside folds.
and fold the tringles outwards

Turn the frame over and add a small foam pad to the tip of each triangle.

I have choosen a matching background, but to save ink, I have removed the inner Sq pane.l
see the tutorial on saving ink by cropping the center of printed matting layers HERE

Monday, April 21, 2014

How to change Font Colour to Gold or Silver

How to change font colour to Gold or Silver
Type what message you want.
You now need to choose a font colour you like 
(Gold is not a standard colour)

To get a particular colour you want, you need to highlight the text, and click the colour button, which is the button A with the colour line underneath it, click the little pointed down arrow (which is directly beside the A button) and this will open the colour choice, go to (custom) and reset the RGB manually, to the numbers below.
you can adjust the settigs for different shades of gold or silver.

Settings for gold are
Red 194
Green 164
And Blue 104

Setting for silver are
Red 155
Green 155
And Blue 155

Saving ink when printing your own backgrounds

As Ink is so expensive, it makes sence to do this to cut down on the cost of printed backgrounds for card making, as we mostly have only 1cm of the paper peeping out from behind each layer.
I am no expert on the computer, but this is how I do it, and hopefully it will save you money.

This works by removing the centre of the background when matting and layering.

The middle will be white on your paper.
Sorry I can't correct it on blogger.

By Yvonne Tune Card Art Kilcoole

1.    Choose the background you want to use on your card.
2.    To remove the middle of the background, go to Google images and type in (all-white background) Click on the background,when it opens in a larger view. Right click and copy the image
3.    Paste the all-white image on to the page your printed background is on.
4.    You won’t see the (all –white image). So right click where you pasted it, and a box will appear around it, go to any of the corners with your mouse and drag it inwards to a smaller  size (you can re-size once it is positioned on your printed background.)
5.    Right click the all -white box again, and a drop down menu will appear, this time position your mouse over (wrap text), move the mouse to (in front of text).and left click
6.    The all -white box will move (on its own) over the printed background,
7.    Now you can drag it to position with the mouse, and then left click the mouse so that you can drag it to the size you want.,
8.    If you are working in 1cm boarders on your matting layers, allow about a 1  ½ cm boarder on your printed paper, so that you have no white background showing behind your next matting layer.

Hope that works for you, but if you get stuck phone me.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Exploding Box Tutorial

Box Lid

Box opened

Picture 3

Picture 4

Exploding box Tutorial Instructions 
by Yvonne Tune Card Art Kilcoole

1.   Cut an A4 sheet of card 10cm by 30cm  x 2 panels
2.   Score each panel on the Tri-fold line, turn card and score again on the Tri-fold line, do this for both panels.
3.   Stick the 2 panels to create a cross shape, (see picture 3)and then fold the score lines, creasing each fold inward, to make the box shape.(see image 3)
4.   Decorate each panel, with the matting layers,
You need 
5 embossed cream panels 8cm Sq (for outside of box)

6 plain cream panels 8cm Sq (5 for inside and 1 for outside base)

and 11 gold panels 9 cm Sq

5.   Mat and layer all cream and gold panels, and stick 5 of the plain panels inside the box, and 4 of the embossed panels to the outside walls,
6.   Stick the long piece of ribbon to the outside base of your card,
     and secure the ribbon with the last plain panel.
7.   To create the lid, cut a panel 16 1/2 cm Sq, and score it on the 2nd line of the LID side of box side of a crafters companion board, or at 3cm. 
8.   Fold all the scored lines, and trim a snip away from each corner, (see image 4) and fold in the corners and stick with hot glue or Hi-tac tape, Decorate the lid with the last embossed panel.
9.   Decorate the inside of box with the large fabric rose
10.  Stick the butterflies to the acetate and cut out, folding the wings either side of the body, to allow the butterfly wings to stand up. and stick inside the box.
11.  You can add sentiments or images to each of the inside panels.

To make a Triple exploding box
you need 3 different size boxes

Small box.  Cut 2 panels 24cm long by 8cm wide and score at 8cm, and 16cm 
Medium Box. Cut 2 x panels 27cm long by 9cm wide and score at 9cm and 18cm
Largest box .  Cut 2 x panels 30cm long by 10cm wide and score at 10cm and 20cm


Each matting layer should be 1 cm smaller than the panels.
Small box.  Gold layer 7cm Sq, Cream layer 6cm Sq
Medium box Gold layer 8cm Sq, Cream layer 7cm Sq
Largest Box Gold layer 9cm Sq, Cream layer 8cm Sq

Stick the 3 decorated boxes together.

Taller Box
Roberta asked me to give measurements to make the box taller
this one measures 12cm high and 10cm Sq wide

Cut 4 panels 22cm by 10cm and score all 4 on the A4 tri-fold line,
over lay each 10cm panel to make the base.

you need 8 gold panels 11cm by 9cm 
and 8 cream panel 10cm by 8 cm
these are for the walls 
and 3 gold panels 9cm Sq and 3 cream panels 8cm Sq, these are for the Lid, Base, and inside floor of the box.

The lid for the 10cm Sq box fits this box.

           Below is a Flower fairy box I made about 2 years ago.

Exploding box
With a fairy theme.

The outside had  a selection of beautiful fairy poems

the lid was finished with lace, a fairy tag, bow and rose.

over view of the box.

Pop-Out Oval Aperture card

Pop – Out Oval Aperture  Card Tutorial
Instructions by Yvonne Tune Card Art Kilcoole
1.    Score an A4 sheet of card on the A4 Half Fold,
2.    Score the Second sheet of A4 card on the A4 Half Fold, and on the A4 Concertina fold, turn card and score again on the A4 Concertina fold, this will give you 4 equal panels,
3.    Give some detail to the outside edges of the pop-out, with a deep edge punch.
4.    And cut an oval aperture from the centre of the pop-out with a X Cut oval template. And stick a Strip of Hi Tac tape to the outside edges, near the punched boarder.
5.    Stick the 21cm by 5cm gold panels to the outside edges of the inside of the main card,
6.    Stick a Folded A5 sheet of pretty paper to the inside of your card like an insert.
7.    Stick the Pop-out panel to your card, Starting with the right hand side. (about 4cm in from the edge,) Close the pop out, and remove the backing from the tape, hold the pop-out flat, and close the card shut, your pop-out should be perfectly lined up.
8.    Stick the 2 4cm by 21cm Paper strips either side of the aperture panel, and add a peel-off border to the strip of paper, and to the Gold Strip.

To decorate the front of your card
9.    Stick the 19cm by 13cm paper to the 20cm by 14cm gold panel and stick centrally to the front of your card,
10.Wrap the cream ribbon across the die-cut punched panel, and secure at the back, overlay the gold ribbon and secure at the back, stick this panel raised on foam tape to the card front, towards the top of the card.
11.Decorate with the roses, leaves and pearl sprays. And stick just above the ribbon band, with hot glue. And stick the organza bow underneath the flowers,

12. Add a peel-off corner to each corner.