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Friday, August 11, 2017

Paper Weave Turorial

Tutorial for Craft for the Craic Blog
Paper Ribbon Weaving
By Yvonne Tune Card Art Kilcoole. 
At the end of the day, I always have scraps, some big enough to join together to make patchwork backgrounds,
 but sometimes just narrow strips.
like the ones in picture below.

A great way to use these strips up, is to weave them into a panel, 
to create a background.

1, Take 7 or 8 x 2 cm strips of card by 25 cm minimum lenght 
I used a poly bag which was on my table, to secure the strips too. 
but you could use a craft mat, and low tac tape, 
to secure the strips at the top,
try to keep them evenly spaced to create a neat finish.

2. Start weaving different coloured strips
under and over the strips you have stuck down,
the next row will weave in the opposite direction.  

3. Continuing weaving the panel.

4. Until to get to the end.

5. As you can see all the strips were different sizes.
Once you get to the end, turn the panel over, 
and secure the sides with a strip of double-side tape.

6. Stick double-sided tape to all the weaves
Be careful not to expose the double-sided tape,
on the cross over, as there may be a slight gap.

7. Cut out a panel of plain card,
this one was for a 20cm Sq scalloped card
so my woven panel size is 17cm Sq
( there is some waste at the end, but it won't go to waste.)

8. Cut around your 17cm Sq white panel to neaten the edges.
you may need to add a touch of wet glue 
to the outside strips to secure every strip in place.

9. I then matted the panel on to an 18cm Sq White panel
and then onto a 19cm Sq pink panel
to finish off my matting layers.

10. I turned the smaller piece of waste woven panel
into a panel to use down the side of a card.

Finished card
using a craftsuprint decoupage download.

Here the narrow woven panel
used on a finished card.
the Decoupage is also from craftsuprint.

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