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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Card Sizes and envelope guide

Card Sizes and envelope guide
I get asked this so much I decided to add a size chart and Envelope Guide

C5 Card is an A4 Card Scored on the A4 half fold When folded in half  it becomes a C5 Card = C5 Envelope

Half an A4 sheet now becomes an A5 sheet, measuring 21cm by 15cm Score on the A5 Half-fold line. when folded in half. it is called a C6 Card  = C6 Envelope

To make a DL card.
Cut a sheet of  A4 card 21cm by 21cm score it on the A4 Tri-fold line.  = DL envelope

The small piece of card you cut from the A4 card to make the DL card, can now make a small Sq card, score it on the A5 half fold line, and you have a 10 cm by 10 cm card.=  4 - 1/2 inch Sq envelope

Gate -folds
To make a C6 Gate-fold, Cut an A4 sheet in half, and score it on the A5 Gatefold line turn card over and score again on the A5 Gate-fold line.

To make a C5 Gate-fold, score a sheet of A4 card it on the A4 Gate-fold line turn card over and score again on the A4 Gate-fold line.

Make sure you give all scored lines a nice tight crease with a bone folder.

Here is a link to a tutorial on how to line an envelope with fancy paper to make it expensive looking, well worth the time, if you choose a matching background from the cards, it will compliment it nicely  HERE