I am very happy for card makers to use my designs and Tutorials for there own personal use, I give permission to other teachers who have attended my classes to use my Tutorials. but would appreciate a credit to the design and instructions.

please get in touch if you would like more information.

Many thanks

Happy Crafting Yvonne xx

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

15cm Sq Raised box Tutorial made from A4 card stock.

Most of us work with A4 card,

So I have designed a box for a 15cm Square Raised card, 
with raised edges, made from 2 sheets of A4 card, 
costing about 30cent to make un-decorated.
as we all like height and dimension on our cards. with either decoupage or flowers.

15 cm box for Raised Aperture Card, or decoupage card.
This card won’t fit a box made from A4 card. The correct measurement would need to be 23cm Sq, and A4 card is only 21cm wide. so you would need to use A3 card. 
So below I have given you instructions to extend the height of a box to fit a 15cm Sq card with a 3cm depth, using A4 card.

1. Cut 2 x 20cm Sq panels and Score on the 1st line of a Crafter’s Companion board, one on the lid and one on the base, give all scored lines a nice tight crease with a bone folder.
Snip into each of the corners, removing a small snippet to allow to corners to stick neatly. I use hot glue to stick the corners, which dries instantly, if using H-tac glue, use a peg in each corner to hold box in place until dry.
2.    Cut 4 x 4cm by 21cm Strips of card from the pieces you cut off the main A4 cards, add a punched detail to the strips.

 3. Start sticking these strips to the outside of the box as neatly as you can.
4. Wrap the over-hang around the corner.
5. When placing the next strip in place, try to join up the punched detail design as neatly as you can,.

6. And continue to stick and wrap the punched strips all the way round, when you get to the last corner, trim excess away. I then use hot glue on the last corner to secure in place.

7. You could add smaller strips inside the box to really neaten it off

8. The lid is made as normal and sits neatly on top.
    line the box with tissue or a doily inside.
    and decorate the lid to match the card or gift inside.

    C5 Box
    This extended height works great for a C5 card, 
    The main box should be 21cm by 26cm and scored the same as above. the strips should be 4cm by 30cm.   
    so this would take 3 A4 sheets to make.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Concertina Box Card

Concertina Box Card
you need 
3 x A4 sheets of white card
2x A4  sheets of pink card
and 1 sheet of 12 by 12 back ground paper

Cut a Sheet of A4 card 13cm by 30cm
Score it on the lid side of a crafter's companion board, 
on the 9th line. on the box side
you need to turn the card over and score it again on the 9th line, this will give you a 13cm Sq card with a 2cm Spine, to house the concertina box.

To make the Concertine sides
Score and 12cm by 15cm panel on every line to the 10th line on the lid side of a crafters companion board.
repeat this 4 times

Starting with a mountain fold, concertina each scored line,

once you have every scored line folded, give them a nice tight crease with a bone folder.

To form the box, you need to slip the folds in between each other.

And Secure with Glue to hold in place.

Decorate the card, inside and out with pretty backgrounds, 
you need 4 x 12cm Sq panels of pink card
3 panels of 11cm Sq background
 for the spine 2 panels for the spine 2cm by 13cm of pink card
and 2 panels of background paper 1. 1/2 cm by 13 cm
a greeting or poem 11cm Sq for the inside wall.

To attach the box, use hi-tac tape, and stick it centrally to the inside back wall.

Add lace or a punched boarder to hide the joins.

And add decoupage or embellishments inside the box.

you can add a greeting or poem inside the card.

and decorate the front and back.

The Measurements of this card have been workout so that it can be made with A4 Card and also the box can also be made with A4 

Box Tutorial 
You need a 14cm Sq box for this card

Cut 2 panels 21 cm Sq and score them on the third line for the lid and base of your crafter's companion board on the box side, this will give you a box high enough in depth for this card.

Cut into each cross over scored line, and snip a tiny bit away

Give all scored lines a nice tight crease with a bone folder. and fold and stick the corners

4.     Repeat for the lid,  Decorate the box to match the card. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Twisted Easel card Tutorial

Twisted Easel Card Tutorial
By Yvonne Tune Card Art

1.    Cut a sheet of A4 card 15cm by 29 ½ cm and score on the A4 half fold line.

2.    Draw a line from the top left hand corner to the bottom right hand corner diagonally, (as shown in picture )

3.    Place the drawn line over a score line on your score board, and score through the drawn line, using the score line on your score board, as a guide.

4.  Fold the diagonal line and give it a nice tight crease with a bone folder.

5.    Stick double-sided tape to the triangle

5. Cut a 15cm Sq panel and stick this to the triangle

6. Back view of main panel stuck to the twisted easel.

7. Easel propped open
(You do not normally see the diagonal line this picture has a sun shadow)

To Decorate

1.   Follow the instructions on the Twisted easel tutorial sheet, to prepare the easel card.
2.   Stick the blue printed papers 13cm Sq  to the silver 14cm Sq panels, and stick the Gingham panel to the floor of the easel and the blue Plaid to the front panel.
3.   Cut out the decoupage sheet, cut the main image as small as you can and stick to the blue then silver card allowing a ½ cm boarder each time. build up the decoupage layers with foam pads.
4.   Stick the topper to the top left hand corner, allowing a 1cm boarder so that you can still see the plaid paper behind.
5.   Cut out the poem as small as you can, and stick to the blue then silver card allowing a ½ cm boarder each time, and stick to the bottom right of the card,
6.   Stick the 3 tiny buttons below the main topper, and the 1 large button above the greeting.
7.   Stick the punched boarder to the edge of the floor about 2 cm in from the right hand edge.
To make the easel rest
8.   Cut out the greeting as small as you can, and stick to the blue then silver card allowing a ½ cm boarder each time. This needs a double layer of foam tape, to be high enough to prop the easel open, prop open the easel and stick the rest in place,
9.   You have room on the floor of the easel to put a personal message, and enough blue and silver card left in the kit to mat and layer it.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A5 Step Card with Tractor

Farm A5 Step Card with Tractor

1. Score an A4 sheet of card in half
2. Score the 2nd  A4 sheet on the lid side of the crafters companion box maker side, on the 2rd line, 4th line, 7th line, and 10th line.  fold card on the last score line, and place score line against the butt bar, and score again on the 3rd line and the 6th line, this will give you a mounting fold, valley fold, mountain fold, valley fold, mountain fold and a valley fold, (See picture 2) with a 6cm panel at the end,  stick the 6cm panel to the inside of the A5 card, to the back wall.
3. Stick your insert to the inside of the C5 card, and add some extra double sided tape to the ends and sides of the insert to stop it moving.
4. Cut and Stick a green 14cm by 21 cm panel to the front of the A5 card, and cut out the main background 13cm by 20cm, and stick to the green. You will have a little gap at the bottom.
5. Cut out the Wall 21cm long, and trim around the stones, stick this to the piece of white card with glue, and allow it to dry, and re-cut the image, to strengthen.
And stick to the Second step.
6. Cut out the first image of the tractor from your sheet, and stick it to the piece of white card with glue, and allow it to dry, and re-cut the image, to strengthen.
7. Cut out the remaining layers as instructed on sheet and build up your decoupage layers with foam pads.
8. Stick the strip of green card 3cm by 21cm to the front step, and stick the assembled decoupage tractor to the right of the front step.
9. Mat and layer the happy birthday greeting, to green and pale green card, allowing a ½ cm boarder each time.
The main card sits between the 2nd and 3rd step.

Quad Bike Easel card

Quad Bike
Easel card 
for Teenager

1. Score 1 x A4 sheet of card in half,
Trim your insert to fit inside. and stick inside your card.
2. Score the 2nd sheet of card on the A4 half fold line, and again on the A4 gate fold line, give all scored lines a nice thigh crease with a bone folder.
Attach the 2 cards together, with double-sided tape, stick the C5 card to the last panel of the gate fold card. (See picture 2)
3. Cut out both grass panels, and stick one to front of card and one to floor of easel card.
4. Cut out the verses and the greetings, and mat on to navy card, then red card allowing a ½ cm boarder each time. Arrange then on the card as shown in picture 1.
5. Cut out the quad bike as per instructions on the sheets, and stick it slightly overlaying the verse, build up the layers with Decoupage foam pads.
6. To make the tiny easel rest, cut a piece of card, 4cm wide by 10cm, score it at 3cm, and 6cm, give the scored lines a nice tight crease. Stick the small piece of grass background to the floor and trim the excess away, and use the remaining piece to cover the front easel,
7. Stick the tiny easel card, to the floor of the main easel about 5cm from the bottom edge, and 2 ½ cm in from the right edge.
8. Cut out the bucket you like, (you have a choice of 2) and stick bucket and car wash to the rest, on foam pads, and the sponge to the floor of the rest to act as the easel rest, you will need 3 layers of foam tape, so that it is high enough.

A Farmers Daughter

A Farmers Daughter

1. Score an A4 Sheet of card in half, and stick the insert inside.
2. Mat the 13cm by 15cm gingham paper to the 14cm by 20cm light green card by stick it to the right of the green mat, about a ½ cm in from the edge of the green, and stick centrally to card front.
3. Cut out the cute pig sheet, and the tops of the boots.
4. Cut the doily in half, and stick to the back of the main image, stick main image to the left of the card and build up the decoupage layers with foam pads.
5. Cut out the fancy willies, and shape them with a bone folder, put a double layer of foam tape on the 1st boot, and 4 layers of tape on the 2nd boot, leave a gap at the top with no tape on each boot, to slip the flowers stem behind, add the extra layer to the top of each boot.
6. Stick the 1st boot on and then slightly overlay the 2nd boot, to the right of the card towards the bottom.
Make up the 2 tiny bouquets, and slip the stem behind the boots, and glue in place.
7. Cut the greeting as small as you can and mat and layer the greeting on to green card then pink card, allowing a ½ cm boarder each time, and stick the greeting to the card with foam tape.

Concertina Book Card A Farmers Blessing

A4 Concertina Book Card
A Farmers Blessing

Side View

Book when fully extended

Book opened

1. Score an A4 sheet of card in Half, and Stick the insert inside.
Stick the green 14cm by 20cm card to the front, stick the 13cm by 19cm gingham paper centrally on top.
2. Mat and layer the Prayer on to green card then gold card, allowing a ½ cm boarder each time.
To make the book
1. Cut a Strip of card 10 cm by 21cm, Score it on the A4 Tri-fold line, turn card over and score it again on the A4 tri-fold line, This will give you a 1cm spine. This is your book card
2. Cut a piece of card 10cm Sq with a ruler and a pencil, draw a line 3cm in, and another 4cm in from the edge, (no 2 lines side by side on the Crafters companion board give to an accurate 1cm Spine so this is the easiest way to do it) fold both scored line and give them a nice tight crease. Using a corner scissors or punch, add some detail to the flap end.
3. Cut a Gold Strip 2 ½ cm by 9 ½ cm. and add the same corner detail. (I found adding the corner detail was easier before I cut it)
4. Cut a Green strip 2cm by 9cm and add a corner detail. As above.
Mat and layer the gold and green strips to the flap of the book card. ( see picture 3)
Stick the 6 ½ cm panel to the back of the book card.
5. Cut 2 9 ½ cm gold Square panels and 2 x 9 cm Green Squares, and Stick to the inside walls of the book card, ( not shown in picture 3 on the left hand side.)
To make the Concertina Card
6. Cut 2 x strips of card 7cm by 29 ½ cm. and Score it on the them on the A4 Half fold line and on the A4 gate fold line, turn card around and score it again on the A4 gate fold line, repeat this on both strips. Join both strips together, and using your bone folder Mountain and Valley fold the strip and give all scored lines a nice tight crease with a bone folder, Stick the last panel to the right hand side of the book centrally. (See picture 4)
7. Cut out all the different small  images, and mat on to Gold card allowing a ½ cm boarder each time, repeat on the green card, ( you can decide to stick an image to each panel or leave alternative panels blank to add your own personal message for the recipient, using the remaining images to decorate the back if you like )
Stick the Velcro dots in place to close the card.
And mat and layer the larger image on to green card then gold card allowing a ½ cm boarder.
8. Stick the book to the right of card at the bottom about a 1cm in from the right, ( the book is quiet heavy so the book needs to sit on the floor, to stand correctly.)
Stick a little green bow above the book.

A Farmers Blessing

Thank You, Lord, for all your gifts,
The sunlight bright and warm,
The winter snow and summer rain,
that helps us on our farm.
Thank you for the mild spring days,
so perfect for planting seed.
And send a little rain our way,
You know exactly what we need.
Protect our crops out in the field,
from the raging summer storms.
And fill the rows of tasselled stalks,
with golden yellow corn.
Please help us, too, at harvest time,
to gather in the yield,
the blessings of your bounty.
From a thankful farmer’s field.

But most of all,
Bless my Wife and Family
Keep the Sheep and Cattle safe
Please protect them on our land
Dear lord.
I love them all you see.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Wired Ribbons for My Fair lady hat card

Wired Ribbon tutorial for 
My Fair Lady card
Image from Debbie Moore  Cd rom My Fair Lady

1. To create the loop and Tail
you will need a 40cm lenght of narrow ribbon.
Start with a tail, adding a loop by  looping the ribbon under your thumb, 

adding a 2nd slightly smaller loop by slipping it under the thumb, and finish with a tail, you can either stitch the ends together, 

 but I wire the ends, together to secure.
Both designs work

To form the lace loops
you need a 20cm strip of lace
the back loop should be longer than the front, 

Stitch or wire the ends securely
to wire place wire across the ends pulling it downwards to form a hook, and twist wire across the lace to secure in place.

To create the hat, you need
1 x Narrow white loop and tale
1 x narrow pink loop and tail
2 x lace loops
2 x 7mm pink loops
1 x 7 mm white loop
2 x 15mm wide pink loops
you create all loops in the same way.
3 x tiny roses to cover the centre

My Fair Lady Dresses Hat Card
Design and instructions by Yvonne Tune.
1.  Mat the 2 inserts 18cm Sq., to the pink 19cm Sq. panels and stick the insert inside your card
2. Stick the 18cm white Card to the 19cm Pink card and stick to the front of card,
3. Cut out the lady image, and stick to white card and re-cut to make the topper stronger,

4. Stick the rose petals to the bodice of the image, starting at the bottom and working up to the neckline.

6.Thread the white guipure lace onto the fine silver wire, to create the ruffle, to make the collar of the dress, bring the wires around the back and twist to tighten, stick the wires securely to the back of the card, with foam tape.

4. Decorate the hat with the feathers  by stick the 3 long white feathers to the left hand side  of the hat, cut the pink feathers in half, and Wire them to form a plum, stick the plum to the centre of the hat, start building up the ribbon, (by arranging them on the hat in a design you are happy with, once happy stick in pace with hot glue.) stick the flowers, in the centre where the ribbon join in the middle,

7. Stick the pink bow to the collar, and stick the tiny brooch to the centre of the bow.

Click on an image for a bigger view.