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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Tutorial for lace rosette flowers

Tutorial for lace rosette flowers
Take 2 strips of lace 
the 1st layer 10inches long (back) should be wider the the top layer 7inches long.

Depending on how many layers you want on your flower
 each layer should be wider and longer for the flower to work.

I have used florist 26 gauge wire for this project, 
but you can use a needle and thread if you can't get hold of florist wire.
1. Thread the wire through the flat edge of the lace

Best place to buy lace is Bluebellgirlcrafts.co.uk 

2. When you got to the other end, pull the lace into the centre of the wire.

3. Twist the wire to secure the lace, and trim off excess wire,
 leaving a 1cm lenght of twisted wire. so that the lace does not  come undone.

4. Do this with both pieces of lace,

Layer both rosettes on top of each other,
you can stitch them together to hold in place.
or stick them together with a tiny amount of hot glue.
(use a non stick silicone sheet) so that the rosette does not stick.

You can add all sorts of centers,
a butterfly

aapearl button

There are lots of tutorials on youtube, to make your own shabby chic buttons 


  1. love the butterfly Yvonne thanks for tutorial

  2. This is so beautiful and very elegant.

  3. Nice one. Have some lace and wire I think. Might try this one.


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