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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Folded Frame Tutorial

Folded Frame Tutorial
This is a lovely idea to frame a photo,
I saw it demonstrated on Create and Craft.
I have used a peel-off to add some detail to the folds of the frame
But you could use, a gold pen or stickles
or try punching the corners.

Cut a Sheet of Double sided paper (you need a heavy weight paper for this project, about 180 to 200 gsm)
Fod the paper in half then quarter. Don't crease it to with a bone folder.

Open paper out, and bring each corner into the middle and crease with a bone folder.

Sheet folded

With a ruler mark each triangle panel 1cm in. and draw a line.

All 4 tringle panels marked with pencil.

Using your ruler as a rest, fold back each panel.

All 4 panels folded back and creased with bone folder,

You need a 9cm square image, matted onto 9 and 1/2 cm Sq, background, and matted onto a 10cm Sq gold baclground.

Stick the topper centrally inside folded frame,
add a small strip of foam tape to each inside fold.
and fold each tringle shut.

Add a strip of foam tape to the outside folds.
and fold the tringles outwards

Turn the frame over and add a small foam pad to the tip of each triangle.

I have choosen a matching background, but to save ink, I have removed the inner Sq pane.l
see the tutorial on saving ink by cropping the center of printed matting layers HERE


  1. hi yvonne thanks for sharing tutorial Regards Siobhan

  2. Finally found your tutorial page love the folded frame as have some of the kits and wasn't sure how to do very well explained thank you Yvonne


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