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Monday, April 21, 2014

How to change Font Colour to Gold or Silver

How to change font colour to Gold or Silver
Type what message you want.
You now need to choose a font colour you like 
(Gold is not a standard colour)

To get a particular colour you want, you need to highlight the text, and click the colour button, which is the button A with the colour line underneath it, click the little pointed down arrow (which is directly beside the A button) and this will open the colour choice, go to (custom) and reset the RGB manually, to the numbers below.
you can adjust the settigs for different shades of gold or silver.

Settings for gold are
Red 194
Green 164
And Blue 104

Setting for silver are
Red 155
Green 155
And Blue 155


  1. thanks yvonne for the tutorials siobhan

  2. your welcome Siobhan, thanks for leaving comment.

  3. Thanks thanks Yvonne for the tutorials

  4. Never knew this Yvonne thanks for sharing x

  5. Thanks Ladies, Jackie Mooney shared that on Cara Crafts a long time ago,and I saved it, the girls at the weekend were wondering how the writing on the Sympathy card was gold, so I said I would share the tutorial.

  6. Thanks Yvonne for those tutorials. Look forward to trying them out.

    Anne Burke

  7. Great, I will have to try this. Thank you. xx

  8. Thanks Yvonne refer to this often :) TFS Liz M


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