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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tea Time Treats, Book style pocket card


Tea Time Treats
Design and instructions by Yvonne Tune Card Art Kilcoole
1.    Score either side of the spine of the card, at the scallop; this allows a 1cm Spine, (which allows room for the teabag pockets.) stick the narrow strips of gold card down the spine inside and outside,
2.    Stick the strips of organza ribbon to the front and back of the card, centrally with hi-tac tape
3.    Mat and layer the 4 x 18cm Square printed backgrounds, to the 4 x 19cm Square Gold panels
4.    Stick the rose boarder ones to the front and back of card, (overlaying the organza ribbon. )  stick the striped ones inside the card.
5.    Cut out the 4 teabag Envelopes, fold all score lines, and stick sides with double sided tape, slip a teabag inside each envelope.
6.    To create the pockets, cut 2 strips of cream card 17cm by 6cm and score on the lid side of the crafters companion board, on the first side, trim away the corners, for the top pocket Cut a strip of cream card 15cm by 7cm, and repeat.
7.    Mat and layer the panels for each pocket. And stick the strip of  lace across the edge, stick the panels to each pocket.
8.    Run a strip of hi-tac tape down the inside of the middle of the 2 bottom pockets.   ( to hold the teabag envelopes neatly) Stick the pockets to the card with high-tac tape.
9.    Cut your greetings and small images, as small as you can. And mat and layer on to pink them gold card allowing a ½ cm boarder each layer,
10.                    Cut out your recipes and mat the ingredients to the front and the method to the back of a piece of pink card. Slip them in the pockets
11.                    Stick the circle doily to the card front centrally.
12.                    Cut out the decoupage layers for the card front, and stick on top of the doily. And build up the layers.
13.                    Decorate the side of the card with the paper flowers.
14.                    Mat and layer the greeting and quote, on to pink then gold card allowing a   
           ½ cm boarder, and stick these to the card front.

   I would like to thank Janyce Cotterill for sorting my poem for me for this card,

   You can find Janyce on pinterest. And craftsuprint.

I heard you were missing home
And some of your favourite treats
Like apple tart and scones
And a proper cup of tea,
So I made you this little card,
With some Irish recipes
And hope you’ll enjoy making them.
For everyone to eat.
But cake on its own is not quite the same
As when its served with a tea.
so there's a surprise in the pockets
have a look and see
a few Lyons teabags! 
Now that's a proper 
Cup of Tea.

By Yvonne Tune

Far away and missing home,
You dream of tea time treats,
Like apple tart, your favourite scones,
Now they are hard to beat!
So in this card are recipes,
That you can bake today,
To have a little taste of home,
Although you're far away,
So boil the kettle, make a brew,
And settle down to see,
That life is good and can taste grand,
With cake and a cup of tea!

 by Janyce Cotterill

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