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Monday, June 11, 2012

Cutaway Concertina Gatefold card

Instructions for Anniversary Waltz 
Cut Away Concertina Gate Fold Card
Design and instructions by Yvonne Tune Card Art Kilcoole
Vintage images from ETSY were a download
Background is a printed sheet from Crafts u print
Lace Bluebellgirlcrafts.co.uk 
heart embellishment, totallybeads.co.uk

Front view

   Inside View 
1.   Score 2 cards on the A4 half fold and again on the A4 gate fold line, each each scored line a nice tight crease with a bone folder.
2.   You now need to cut the top sides away, Draw a mark at 9cm on the outside edge of the right panel. Line up your ruler at the top left side of the panel, just inside the scored line, and drag the ruler down to the mark. draw a pencil line diagonally. And cut the piece away, either with a craft knife of your paper trimmer,
3.   Repeat the steps on the opposite side.
4.   Attach the 2 card together by sticking the 15cm by 21cm panels together. Cut out the Music sheet, I have cut this free hand in a wavy edge style, matted it to the gold panel and re-cut the design allowing a 4mm boarder. Stick this to the middle panel inside the card.
5.   Mat and layer each of the images onto the soft pink and gold card, allowing a 1/2cm boarder. Stick the first image flat, the second image has a lace band across it, secured at the back, add a small piece of the paper doily behind, and stick this overlaying the first image, the dancing couple has some ribbon detail over the image, secured at the back, and a tiny bow added, use the rest of the paper doily, to add some detail to the panels. 

6.   Stick the greeting panels to the card inside, to the 2 middle panels, and trim excess away.
7.   The front panels, need to be measured, Place the gold panel 7cm wide by 21cm on to the card, and drag it slightly upwards, and mark where you need to cut away with a pencil.  Place the cream backing paper on top and repeat the instructions, this will give you a 1cm boarder, fitting the design perfectly, repeat this for all four panels. Stick the inside back panels flat to the gatefolds
8.   Before sticking the front 2 panels, you need to attach the lace bands, try to line up the lace so it looks like it’s flowing diagonally across the card. and secure the lace at the back, and stick to the 2 front panels with Hi-tac tape.
9.  Cut the greeting as small as you can and mat and layer on to the pale pink card then gold allowing a 1/2 cm boarder, and stick it to the left hand panel towards the top.
10.      Thread the little heart on a ribbon loop, about 12inches long thread a pearl on to each of the ribbon tails. you will need to do a double know to secure the pearls, fold in half so that the pearls hangs down, and stick to the lace with hot glue, make a vintage bow, ( you will find a tutorial HERE) and stick it on top of the ribbon, to secure it in place. 
11. Stick the 2 punched hearts overlapping on to the left front panel towards the top.


  1. Beautiful card and a wonderful tutorial! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. thanks Lyn
    hope you gave it a try,

  3. beautiful card just got to try this one

  4. This is a gorgeous card and I'd love to make it for my friend's 50th Anniversary, but I live in Canada and I use inches not centimeters....is there any way you could publish the instructions in inches? Also I don't know what size an A4 card is nor do I know where the A4 gatefold line would be. Please help....I'd be truly grateful. Many thanks...Cheers!


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