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Monday, December 5, 2011

Honeycombe Christmas Decoration

Honeycombe Christmas Decoration
I can't take the credit for this one, as I saw it demonstrated on a video on Amazing Paper Grace
You need the Patience's of a saint, and I am showing the Girls how to make it on Wednesday night, 
I wonder who will hit me with it first.

For this you will need a 3 1/2 inch scalloped circle punch or 
a 3 1/2 inch die cut,
Punch out 18 circles in different shades, 
Double sided paper work best for this, max 80gsm in weight as heavier will just pull apart.
You should get 6 from an A4 Sheet.
Fold each circle in half
Use one of the waste pieces as a template
Marking it as in the picture above. with number 1 and 2 
to show you where to stick your glue dots,

Take your first folded circle and stick 3 glue dots in line with number 1
you are working on the white side to start.

And stick the second folded circle on top,
Stick four glue dots to the coloured side at the number 2 markings on the template.
(Inside and outside of each folded circle is stuck together.)

Repeat this, sticking each folded circle on top of the other alternating the numbers with each folded circle,
and the pattern should look like the picture above

When you have all 18 circles stuck together,
Add strips of  Hi-Tac tape to the spine
(I have 3 strips on mine)

I have threaded beads on to some wire and attached to some ribbon (looped and tied to form a handle)

Stick some Hi-Tac tape in the position needed to finish the pattern, and pull open the ball, This is very fiddly 
Try tweezing the honeycombe open with a ball tool 
in between each of the gaps.  

This is the ball finished


  1. hiya yvonne , just found your blog today via , niamhs nook of inspiration as she was telling people about the card class in portmarnock x glas i found your blog . this decoration is lovely yay i have a whole 10 months to master it ;)
    happy crafting

  2. thanks Emilysnan, it was so difficult to make, I never did another one.


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