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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Paper Rose Tutorial

To make these pretty paper rose flowers

You need 4 punched flowers
I have used a 2inch 6 petal flower punched 
Or you can buy die-cut sheet of different size flowers from Stephanie Weighman
Direct link for rose kit.
You will need a good quality hi-tac clear drying glue for this project.
Collall Book binding Glue is the best one I have found.

Cut a slit between 2 petals in the first flower.
Cut a petal out of the 2nd flower.
Cut 2 petals out of the 3r Flower
Cut the 4th flower in half, and cut a petal off one half.
You will have 3 remaining single petals, (these can be used to fill in any gaps, or to hide glue)

To stick the petals to form the rose
1st Flower. Bring over 1 petal from first flower and stick it behind the flower to form a 5 petal flower
2nd Flower. Repeat giving you a 4 petaled flower
3rd Flower. Repeat to give you a tri petaled flower
4th Flower. Repeat to give you a 2 petaled flower,
The last few single petals can be curled to make the centre of the flower, and to be used to hide gaps.

You need to flatten the middle of the 1st flower, the best way is with your ball tool on a soft mat.

Then cut about 1/3 off the bottom of all the other flowers.

Squeeze a good amount of Hi Tac PVA Glue into the centre of the first flower.

Place the remaining flowers into the centre of the first flower, alternating the petals, until you have your rose. The glue will dry clear. if you feel the rose looks unbalanced, snip the ends off the remain 3 single petals, and slip then into the flower to make it look more even shaped.
You could decorate the tips with stickles
Or a glue pen and add fine glitter to add sparkle.
This flowers was made with120gsm hammer paper, I used a gold ink pad to add colour to the tips of each petal, and then crushed all the petals before I arranged the rose together, this gives the flower a more vintage feel.

Paper Rose Tutorial by Yvonne Tune
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  1. This really is a beautiful card!

  2. I have to invest in some cutters as I don't have any. But thank you for the tutorial


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