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Monday, July 4, 2011

Raised Oval Aperture Card Tutorial

Instructions for Raised Oval Aperture Card

Recipe for this card
1 x A4 card.
1 x 20cm by 21cm sheet of card
1 x 14 and ½ cm by 21 sheet of card
1 A5 sheet of acetate 
flowers or decoupage
Lace. Narrow for the sides. and a wider one for inside the aperture
Punched Butterflies
Pearl pins
Organza bow
1.                Score an A4 card on the A4 half fold line
2.                Trim 5mm from both sides to allow card to fit in box, made from 2 sheets of A4 card.
3.               Trim Insert to fit. and stick inside the main card.
4.                To make the top of your card. Cut 10 cm off an A4 Sheet of card. Giving you a 20 cm by 21cm piece of card.
5.                Score both outer edges on the first line of the lid side of the box maker side of the crafters companion board. 
6.                Using the middle size of an Xcut oval cutter. Cut an oval from the middle of your sheet using the inside of the oval template. if you don't have the X -cutter templates, cut a rectangle shape from the centre with a craft knife and ruler.
7.                Fold the creased lines and give each score line a nice tight crease, put double sided tape on the inside of the folded in lines.
8.      Stick the piece of Wide lace to the back panel 14 ½ cm by 21cm, and secure at the back with double sided tape. 
9.      Stick the acetate to the inside of the aperture. and stick it to one side of the 14 ½ cm by 21cm Background card .
10.                Arrange the flowers and leaves in the middle of the lace, I added some pearl pins threaded with extra beads. and finished off with a organza bow, Stick the second side behind the background card. to form the raised Aperture. (because the front card is larger than the inside panel it will form the raised dome.)
11.   Add some detail to the outside edge of the aperture. 
        With peel-offs, gems or pearls
12.           You now need to stick the raised aperture to the C5 card using double sided tape on all four sides. and extra in the middle.

            This cards design is perfect for decoupage, 

       This card is made slightly smaller to fit in a box made from 2 sheets of A4 Card.
To make a box to fit this card using a Crafters Companion Board           Score an A4 piece of card on the second line of the base side. And a second A4 card on the 2nd line for the lid side, cut a slit into each corner and stick with a glue gun. Or good quality book binding glue, lighter glue will not hold. And decorate with contrasting card ribbon and peel-offs. 


  1. Fantastic. Thanks for the online tutorial! I look forward to trying it out too!

  2. Whenever you get a chance to put up some tutorials on bow making, it would be great. Does the blog allow for short videos?

  3. Hi Aileen I have added 2 bow tutorials,
    A vintage bow
    and a Four loop bow, which is one we used for fresh flower bouquets, just tiny
    Yvonne xx


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