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Monday, July 4, 2011

Miniature Bouquet Tutorial

Instructions for a miniature Bouquet 

For this project you will need 
5 leaves 
5 Flowers
2 bows varying in size
and florist Tape

To Start  take 1 of the leaves, and place the second leaf slightly lower to the left of the first leaf.

Place one of the roses towards the first leaf centrally.

As you place each piece you will need to twist the wires,
(think how a coil of rope looks, and twist every stem in the same direction, that way you will have a very tight narrow stem at the end.

Add the 3rd leaf to the right

Add the 2nd flower under the 1st flower slightly to the left.

Add the 3rd flower to the right of the 2nd flower

Now add the 4th leaf to the left , slightly below the 2nd flower.

Add the 5th leaf to the right slightly below the 3rd flower

Now add the 4th flower
 And lastly the 5th flower
Stagger the flowers as you come down the bouquet
and remember to twist all the wires in the same direction
Cut off the excess wires, the stem should be about 3cm long

Using florist tape wrap the stem to hide the wires.

using your glue gun attach the larger bow just under the last flower.

and stick the smaller bow on top

This little bouquet is beautiful when encased in an Raised Oval Aperture Card


  1. Thanks Niamh, give it a go and let me know how you get on,
    enjoy the summer
    love Yvonne

  2. you make it all look so easy Yvonne, I am still struggling with the fancy bows you showed us, but I will keep trying, I need to give this one a go too thanks for sharing Nicola

  3. Absolutely beautiful and very good tutorial can't wait to have a go.

  4. thanks ladies, hope you mastered it.

  5. Love it you can do them so neat


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