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Friday, June 3, 2011

Insert Tutorial

Instructions for Inserts for C5 Portrait Card
Which is a A4 sheet of card landscape scored and folded in half

I get asked a lot, about how do I do my inserts?
Well this is how I do mine. So here it goes.

Open a new page in Microsoft word,

you will find this at the top of the screen, in the tool tabs

Change page layout to landscape. ( go into file, click on page set up, you will see Orientations, either Portrait or Landscape, click landscape.

Add 2 columns, (to find the column tool, the symbol looks like this 
_ _
_ _
_ _
_ _

And should be on your tool bar menu
You will then have to move the spacer bars over to ½ cm at both sides, this will give you 2 even spaced columns, and will make the insert centralised.

Now to add a picture

Go to goggle click on images, and choose an image i.e. if you are doing a wedding card look for wedding bells/wedding flowers/wedding rings. click on the image,
 Copy image and paste to your left column, centralise the image and drop down to where you want the image to be on the sheet, you can add a greeting underneath the image or a date if you want.

Now drop down until you jump over to the right column. And type your poem or greeting, choose a font colour to match the image, choose font size and the font you like, centralise the greeting and drop down to centre of sheet, and print

See picture below

Your page will be slightly to big to fit inside a C5 card so fold in half and trim about 3 mm from the sides and 3mm from either top or bottom of the insert, use a corner or a boarder punch to add some pretty detail.

To fit your insert inside your card, add a small 2 to 3 inch strip of double sided tape in the middle of the insert, to both sides of the insert about 1 inch in from the bind

Remove tape from one side only. Open card wide and Make sure both binds are fitting snugly together (this means the insert and the inside fold of the card) now close your card and tape will stick to one side of your card only, now remove the tape from the other side and close again. this works perfectly for me,

C5 landscape card
The new page will open in Portrait style

If you want to do a A4 sheet folded in half for a C5 card landscape
Open a page in microsoft word, it will automatically be set to portrait, simply add your image to the centre of the top half
scroll down past 17cm in the margin
and type your greeting, repeat the steps above.

Or you can follow the steps above to split the page into 2 columns.

For a C6
Open a page in microsoft word, it will automatically be set to portrait, move top margins to 1/2 cm either side, and add 2 columns 
Add your first image to the top half of left column, scroll down and add a second image about 19cm down the page. drop down till you jump across to the 2nd column, and add your greeting, opposite each image. this will give you 2 inserts for C6 size cards.

Hope this helps anyone struggling with there inserts 

If you would like to change the font colour to Gold/Silver
you can find the settings HERE


  1. That's a really nice A4 card. I learned a lot from your post. Hope to see more. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Thank you Anne, I remember when I started Card making,I met a lady who knew how to do personalised inserts, and wouldn't show me, she kept making excuses that her computer was different to mine, I was ages trying to sort it out, when my Son (thank you Jack) showed me in about 2 mins how to do it, so I vowed to pass on everything I learned, and help other card makers, not keeping everything as a secret,
    enjoy checking in, for new tutorials,
    Happy crafting

  3. Thank you for your generosity in sharing. We are learning so much from you.


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