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Friday, January 29, 2016

Altared Pin Cushion,

Pin Cushion
This little pin cushion was made from one of my favourite vases
which had fallen and got a clip knocked out of the rim.
I use to use if for tiny bouquets of freesia or bud roses. and couldn't bear to throw it away.

So I filled it with scraps of wadding.
and made a ball of wadding, which I wrapped with a small piece of scrap white lining,
I then over-layed a pretty piece of scrap lace, and secured the ball with fine florist wire.
I added hot glue to the rim, and pushed the ball into the neck of the vase, (wired side down)

I them gathered the pretty Guipure lace on to fine florist wire
and brought it around the narrow part of the vase neck.
and twisted the wire to secure in place
I then added a ribbon collar.
and a organza bow to cover any of the wire showing
and added a little cameo to the center of bow.

Over view of pin cushion

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