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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Concertina Box Card

Concertina Box Card
you need 
3 x A4 sheets of white card
2x A4  sheets of pink card
and 1 sheet of 12 by 12 back ground paper

Cut a Sheet of A4 card 13cm by 30cm
Score it on the lid side of a crafter's companion board, 
on the 9th line. on the box side
you need to turn the card over and score it again on the 9th line, this will give you a 13cm Sq card with a 2cm Spine, to house the concertina box.

To make the Concertine sides
Score and 12cm by 15cm panel on every line to the 10th line on the lid side of a crafters companion board.
repeat this 4 times

Starting with a mountain fold, concertina each scored line,

once you have every scored line folded, give them a nice tight crease with a bone folder.

To form the box, you need to slip the folds in between each other.

And Secure with Glue to hold in place.

Decorate the card, inside and out with pretty backgrounds, 
you need 4 x 12cm Sq panels of pink card
3 panels of 11cm Sq background
 for the spine 2 panels for the spine 2cm by 13cm of pink card
and 2 panels of background paper 1. 1/2 cm by 13 cm
a greeting or poem 11cm Sq for the inside wall.

To attach the box, use hi-tac tape, and stick it centrally to the inside back wall.

Add lace or a punched boarder to hide the joins.

And add decoupage or embellishments inside the box.

you can add a greeting or poem inside the card.

and decorate the front and back.

The Measurements of this card have been workout so that it can be made with A4 Card and also the box can also be made with A4 

Box Tutorial 
You need a 14cm Sq box for this card

Cut 2 panels 21 cm Sq and score them on the third line for the lid and base of your crafter's companion board on the box side, this will give you a box high enough in depth for this card.

Cut into each cross over scored line, and snip a tiny bit away

Give all scored lines a nice tight crease with a bone folder. and fold and stick the corners

4.     Repeat for the lid,  Decorate the box to match the card. 


  1. Thanks for instructions, Yvonne. We're just back from a trip to Sligo. I look forward to making another concertina box card!

  2. thanks Aileen, it was a lovely project,


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