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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Concertina Book Card A Farmers Blessing

A4 Concertina Book Card
A Farmers Blessing

Side View

Book when fully extended

Book opened

1. Score an A4 sheet of card in Half, and Stick the insert inside.
Stick the green 14cm by 20cm card to the front, stick the 13cm by 19cm gingham paper centrally on top.
2. Mat and layer the Prayer on to green card then gold card, allowing a ½ cm boarder each time.
To make the book
1. Cut a Strip of card 10 cm by 21cm, Score it on the A4 Tri-fold line, turn card over and score it again on the A4 tri-fold line, This will give you a 1cm spine. This is your book card
2. Cut a piece of card 10cm Sq with a ruler and a pencil, draw a line 3cm in, and another 4cm in from the edge, (no 2 lines side by side on the Crafters companion board give to an accurate 1cm Spine so this is the easiest way to do it) fold both scored line and give them a nice tight crease. Using a corner scissors or punch, add some detail to the flap end.
3. Cut a Gold Strip 2 ½ cm by 9 ½ cm. and add the same corner detail. (I found adding the corner detail was easier before I cut it)
4. Cut a Green strip 2cm by 9cm and add a corner detail. As above.
Mat and layer the gold and green strips to the flap of the book card. ( see picture 3)
Stick the 6 ½ cm panel to the back of the book card.
5. Cut 2 9 ½ cm gold Square panels and 2 x 9 cm Green Squares, and Stick to the inside walls of the book card, ( not shown in picture 3 on the left hand side.)
To make the Concertina Card
6. Cut 2 x strips of card 7cm by 29 ½ cm. and Score it on the them on the A4 Half fold line and on the A4 gate fold line, turn card around and score it again on the A4 gate fold line, repeat this on both strips. Join both strips together, and using your bone folder Mountain and Valley fold the strip and give all scored lines a nice tight crease with a bone folder, Stick the last panel to the right hand side of the book centrally. (See picture 4)
7. Cut out all the different small  images, and mat on to Gold card allowing a ½ cm boarder each time, repeat on the green card, ( you can decide to stick an image to each panel or leave alternative panels blank to add your own personal message for the recipient, using the remaining images to decorate the back if you like )
Stick the Velcro dots in place to close the card.
And mat and layer the larger image on to green card then gold card allowing a ½ cm boarder.
8. Stick the book to the right of card at the bottom about a 1cm in from the right, ( the book is quiet heavy so the book needs to sit on the floor, to stand correctly.)
Stick a little green bow above the book.

A Farmers Blessing

Thank You, Lord, for all your gifts,
The sunlight bright and warm,
The winter snow and summer rain,
that helps us on our farm.
Thank you for the mild spring days,
so perfect for planting seed.
And send a little rain our way,
You know exactly what we need.
Protect our crops out in the field,
from the raging summer storms.
And fill the rows of tasselled stalks,
with golden yellow corn.
Please help us, too, at harvest time,
to gather in the yield,
the blessings of your bounty.
From a thankful farmer’s field.

But most of all,
Bless my Wife and Family
Keep the Sheep and Cattle safe
Please protect them on our land
Dear lord.
I love them all you see.

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  1. Great tutorial Yvonne. Thanks for the tips and the straight forward instructions.


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