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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pop-out Pocket

C5 Pop –out pocket card
Design and tutorial by Yvonne Tune Card Art Kilcoole

To Decorate the Main Cards
mat 4 x 13cm by 19cm patterned papers to 4 x 14cm by 20cm gold panels,
Stick a matted panel to the front, back and both inside panels,
ready for the Pop-out  pocket.
and decorate as you like
This is a great card to hold a gift voucher or money.

    To make the pop out pocket
      1. Cut a sheet of card 14cm by 30cm, score it on the A4 tri-fold line and the A4 Half fold line, rotate card and score it again on the A4 Tri-fold line, give all the scored lines a nice tight crease with a bone folder.

   2.  You now need to cut away a wavy edge from the card, and I have drawn this free-hand. Take a piece of card the same size as the  outside panel 10cm by 14cm, and draw a wavy line

3. Cut the Wavy edge off. (This is now your Template)

4.     Line the template up on the right hand panel of the card, and draw the wavy line, turn the template over, on the left hand side and repeat


     5 . Cut the tops off.


6. You now need to make the templates for the top layer of the pocket, so cut a second piece of card, 9cm by 13cm and place it behind the first template centrally,

           Draw the Wavy line out.

        Cut the top off


       You now have a equal boarder around each panel.

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