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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gate-Fold Step Card

View of Card closed
You slip the gate-folds between the middle step to close this card neatly

1.    Cut a sheet of A4 card 15cm by 30cm and score it on the A4 gate fold line, twice.

2.   Cut a sheet of A4 card 15cm by 21cm, and score on the base side of a crafters companion board on the box side. On the 2nd line, 4th line, 7th line and 10 line, give all score lines a nice tight crease with a bone folder, starting with a mountain fold and the valley fold and so on. This forms the steps to go inside your card.

3.   Attach the last panel to the inside of the gate fold, at the bottom. Working up to biggest mountain fold, with the smaller mountain fold at the front.

4.   The Scenery for the inside should be one picture cut into 3 panels, printed on the landscape, 28 ½ cm by 15 cm.

5.   Cut your scenery outside panels 7cm wide, allowing you a middle panel 14 ½ cm by 15cm stick all 3 panels inside the card,

6.   Decorate the steps, I used lace to compliment the ladies dress, in the image. And a happy birthday greeting matted onto blue card to cover the front step.

7.   Cut 2 panels 7cm by 14 ½ cm for the front gates, and add whatever decoration you want, I choose a shell border for this card,

8.   Lastly add your main image, decoupage the image if you wish, to the front step.

9.   If you find the image to heavy for the front step, stick the back step with doubleside to the scenery.

10. Decorate the back of the card to match.
I wrote a little poem to go with the image, so picked out the sand castle mentioned in the poem for the back of the card. and added some card candy.

View of card opened

View of the back of card

 As I gaze out to sea
Childhood memories
come flooding back to me
Of days well spent on the beach.
Building sand castles
Swimming in the sea
And a picnic lunch
Mum prepared for me.
Fun and laughter
Games galore
An ice cream cone on the way home.
With sand in my toe
And the wind in my hair
Gazing at the sea
Memories come flooding back to me.

Tutorial by Yvonne Tune Card Art Kilcoole

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