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Monday, April 30, 2012

Concertina Pop-out Step card

Concertina Pop-out Step card
Design and instructions by Yvonne Tune Card Art Kilcoole
Images and background by Debbi Moore 
Art Deco Wedding CD rom

1.   Score an a A4 sheet of card in half
2.   To score the inside concertina step card. using the crafters companion board, use the lid side of the box maker side of the board. and score on line 2, line 6, line,10, fold card in half and place the scored line against the butt bar, (using a ruler to hold the card in place, against the butt bar) score the card again on line 3 and line 6. ( for those of you who don’t own a crafters companion board you need to score the card at 3cm, 9cm 15cm 18cm and 21cm.) fold the card in half (with the hammer finish on the inside.) fold and crease each scored line.
3.   To stick it inside you card. You need to mat and layer your greeting and poem, on to 10cm by 21cm panels of gold card, stick the greeting to the inside 3cm end panel, with double sided tape, and put double sided tape on the back of the greeting, line it up against the inside right hand edge of your card, and secure I place. Fold the concertina flat, and add double sided tape to the last panel. Bring the front cover over and close flat, you now need to stick your greeting panel to the left hand side.
4.   Cut out some backing paper strips, 4cm by 21cm and 5 ½ cm by 21cm and stick to the 1st and 3rd panel. Cut out some gold strips 4cm by 21cm and 5 ½ cm by 21cm and stick to the 2nd  and 4th panel.
5.   I choose one of the toppers to match and printed it twice, (from the Cd) cut each one out, and re-stuck them to gold card and re-cut them out to make stronger, (I work with paint shop pro, so added a greeting to a second plain topper) and overlaid it, raised on foam tape to the bottom topper, these where then stuck to the steps, allowing you to see both toppers.
6.   I printed 8 Art deco corners from the Cd. And stuck one into each corner of the greeting and poem panels.
7.   To Decorate the front of the card, I chose a background from the Cd, and cut it to 13cm by 19cm, layered it on to a gold panel 14cm by 20cm and stuck it to the front of the card,
8.   I chose the gold Bride and groom, (and working with paint shop pro, ) sized the image printed it 4 times to decoupage. And stuck the bride and groom to the bottom right of card, 
    To look like they were about to go up stairs.
9.   Added 2 more corners slightly larger to the top corners of the card.
10.                     Added a lovely swirl pearl flourish, and some tiny roses to make a bouquet. at the top of the pillar.

Hope you enjoy the tutorial please get in touch if you need more help. Yvonne xx


  1. Have been waiting for this card to appear can't wait to try and hope I can do it justice. Just love all of your work.

  2. thanks Chris
    I love a challenge, and when they ladies ask for something different, I love coming up with new fold,
    happy crafting


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